Mechanical Production Unit

ERMAFA special machine and plant engineering GmbH, based in Chemnitz boasts more than 180 years of tradition, expertise, know-how, and innovation.
An important role in the implementation of this challenging task plays our business unit Manufacturing. Equipped with advanced machinery and equipment, powerful software programs we are able to produce a wide variety of solutions: from small parts to workpieces with a weight of up to 40 tons – either in a single-item production or mass production mode.
In addition, our manufacturing facility in Chemnitz (Saxonia) enables us to offer almost any type of components related to metal processing. Our processing know-how is rooted in our long-term experience with surface finishing, coloring and heat treatment.

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    Wolfram Hauke

    Production Division Manager

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  • Dipl.-wirt. Ing. 

    Peter Brügmann

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    Jörg Franke

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    Lutz Bauer

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    Claudia Dewitz

    Phone +49 371 334 281 225
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