As a machine tool maker,  factory AUERBACH has been operating in the market for more than 75 years. Over the last years we have specialized in the technology area of deep hole drilling and milling. In addition, due to optional designs, our globally operating machines offer a wide range of assembly opportunities at high precision, operational reliability and productivity. In cooperation with our customers from the fields of machinery and plant engineering, tool making and mould construction, aerospace industry, oil and gas industry, energy and chemical engineering, automotive engineering, arms industry and medical engineering, we develop and manufacture individual machines for a more efficient fabrication. These various unique selling propositions and the standard of quality in construction and manufacturing, which has been established over decades, have been the essential motives for the management buy-in of ERMAFA. Accordingly, since 2014 the extended ERMAFA has been able to continue its scope of services both in Chemnitz and in Ellefeld on a production area of 11,200 sqm and we have the possibility to promote new machine developments and technology packages.

For ERMAFA AUERBACH client satisfaction by means of top service always come first. Our globally established structure of distribution ensures an individual support of our customers – from customised preparation of an offer, order fulfilment, start-up and product training up to service, maintenance or help in case of average.
A well-organised customer and spare parts service and the option of remote diagnostics/ telediagnosis allow for a quick availability of service and ensure a high uptime of the machine at the customer´s.

Also the development and production of special purpose machines is an important field of activity for ERMAFA AUERBACH. Thereby we focus on the client´s individual wishes and demands in the first place. In the case that the offered options are not sufficient for the respective task, changes can be made according to the special needs: the adjustment of the housing, changes of the travel ways, the development of new machine concepts – nearly everything is possible. Special solutions are being developed and found together with the customer. Using relevant deep-drilling and milling operations on the client´s work pieces in the factory AUERBACH plant help to draw conclusions how the machine has to be planned in order to fulfill the particular machining task in the most efficient way.

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